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Scottish Tern is the familiar pattern of intersecting stripes in different colours. Today connects to the composition of the colors with Scottish clans, but this has not always been. The earliest examples of tartans from Scotland dates back to the 4th century. In many other parts of the world have also used this pattern, and the earliest examples of textiles woven in this pattern dates back to 3000 years before our era. However, there is nowhere else than Scotland where this pattern has such a powerful symbolic and cultural importance.

Originally tartan no name or symbolic meaning. All tartan fabric was hand woven and usually manufactured locally. Scottish Tern, or "tartan" as it is called in Scotland were incredibly popular in the Scottish Highlands. So popular that in the 17th and 18th century was synonymous with the Highlands.

Not until the 19th century, the idea of ​​giving the different patterns names and connect them with clans.

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