About PashminaWear

Scarves and stoles for women

PashminaWear - exclusive shawls and scarvesPashminaWear was founded in order to sell handmade cashmere- and wool products of high quality online - primarily scarves and shawls for women. We deal directly with manufacturers, which we are continuously in close contact with. 

Our suppliers are just as passionate for wool and cashmere as we are. This assures us that the entire process, from raw material selection to spinning, weaving and dyeing, is focused on delivering an end product of extraordinary quality. This assures us that we can 100% vouch for what we sell.

As the quality of genuine cashmere can not be experienced online but must be felt with the hands, we offer free shipping on all items regardless of the purchase price. If the product does not live up to expectations it is free to be returned. This is our satisfaction guarantee.

Our cashmere shawls from Nepal are handwoven and we are pursuing several different types - all with its properties. Some are thick and fluffy, while others are delicate and almost transparent. Read more about the different type in our pashmina guide. Do you need further guidance please feel free to contact us by mail or telephone.

We also have a large selection of scarves for women. The scarves are primarily produced in Scotland lambswool.